Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Zero To Hero

Does anyone even bother to watch the 9pm Channel 8 series "Zero To Hero" starring Edmund Chen and Chen Liping? Oh my god.. I think Mediacorp is trying too hard or something. Apparently this show talks about life after death and everything, and its really a very very badly done show I feel. Its so unrealistic I even fell asleep while watching it with my mum yesterday. The show portrays life after death to be so good(like what, you can't get tired, it doesn't rain in the netherworld, and whatever nonsense). If it was so good, I really don't mind going in lor. I am so not going to watch this show. Its blardy full of nonsnese. Feel like laughing at times when I think of how absurb the content can get.

Sister told me about Miss Universe which was aired on TV yesterday. She said Miss Singapore(the Cheryl woman) looked so bad compared to the rest when they were introducing every nation to the stage. Haha. Can't even be bothered to watch. But I personally feel that shez not bad looking compared to past Singapore Universe winners like Sandy Chua or Nurhaliza Osman. Shucks. Didn't they look much worse during the past years' competitions? Haha. I guess Singapore just can't compete on the big stage with regards to such competitions. The usual ones like Panama, Mexico, and Venezuela will always be there as the top few contenders. Oh yeah. Prove me wrong judges.


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