Sunday, June 12, 2005

Jane Smith looked so beautiful

Caught up with the usual gang on Friday night after my duty. Angie the PMS queen surprisingly gave me a lift to Orchard cos she saw me still stupidly waiting at the bus stop as bus 90 was never at sight. I thank her for that. But what a change in mood. Earlier that afternoon I got ticked off by her for nothing apparently and it totally spoiled my day at work. Well, I guess that the fact she gave me a ride neutralised everything. So she is forgiven. Heh. Joined Becks, HJ, Russ, Ken and KY for dinner@Spaggedies over at Paragon. Ate this stir-fried pasta they ordered for me while I was still on my way. It was quite good, most importantly its cheap cos I was running low on cash haha. Then later we walked around in town aimlessly again before Ken fetched us all home. Thank you Ken again. Really feel very bad to make you drive all the way to Pasir Ris when you stay in Eunos. Promise I will give you a treat someday man. Haha. Again it was great to catch up with the guys, Russ and HJ finally POP and Becks told me she learned how to upload pics onto her computer haha. Oh wells...wadever haha. Pity I din see Janice again, its really long since I last saw her.. shez the undisputed pang-seh queen man haha. Hope all of us can get together again. Heard Jacq and Anthea wants to organise a BBQ soon. The proposed date is this coming Saturday.. hope its still on and the turnout will be good. Well....

Met Shaun in the morning yesterday to head to Hougang Polyclinic to request for a referral to NSC to try to solve our acne problems. I got my referral quite easily but Shaun was very unlucky coz he had to wait so long..he was still waiting for his turn to see the doctor even after I finished with all the paperwork. Well I was in a rush so we couldn't leave together, but I hope he got his referral too. Then met Kian Guan@Plaza Singapura for lunch. We ate LJS and had a good talk about everything haha, walked n shopped around PS, before finally sitting down in a cinema to watch 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. I liked the movie alot! Very good. Angelina Jolie looked so gorgeous and Brad Pitt was just cool shit. Definitely worth my $9.50 and I rate it 4/5. Highly recommended.
Was hoping to but this HangTen Polo-T but it ran out of sizes so I guess I will only get it next time. Then went to Aunt's house for dinner, and therafter went to play pool with Kai An. By the time I got home I was like totally beat. Oh and I bumped into Edwin in the MRT. Haha he din recognised me until like it was his station to alight. Well..he hasn't changed abit man. Voice same, face same, only hair-less haha.

Gotta work tomorrow again......Dread it totally...


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