Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Jian Xiong

I stayed up till 12 midnight hoping to catch the repeat telecast of Project Superstar yesterday night. But the very disgusting Channel U station cheated me of my time as I waited for nothing! I stayed awake till like 12.15am..but still no Superstar! Instead they skipped the show somehow and showed the repeat of 100% Entertainment!! Arghhh...Stoopid U! Not saying that 100% Entertainment was not nice, but I wanted to watch Project Superstar, not that! I am never gonna trust your TV Listings anymore...Bleahhhh.... See what you've done, you made me miss an episode of Project Superstar! I was so looking forward to it cos the first episode was pretty humourous...with people wanting to realise their dreams of carving out a singing career for themselves..haha. There was this 34-year old auntie who was trying so hard to impress...but she was trying too hard, instead making a fucking fool out of herself haha. Its really hard to believe there are such contestants in extreme. So there were suggestions that these people get paid to do this sort of stuffs and its all rigged. They are just there for the entertainment value. Maybe this is really the case. Hah. But at the end of the day, who cares? At least I don't, cos I had a farkin good laugh. That's all what matters to me haha.


A few of us OSC NSFs went out to eat dinner with him at Macphersons after soccer yesterday evening. Soccer was great yesterday. Scored a few goals to cap a good performance by my team (Janan, Thiam Hao, Wong Keng, Jian Xiong and me of coz). We only lost once throughtout and that was the last match when TH was not around. Janan was our stronghold guardian, tackling every ball in his path. Keng outsmarted everyone with his usual skills and TH's work rate is crazy. Jian Xiong did some marvellous goalkeeping and in all it was a great team to play with. Haha. Anw now back to dinner at Macphersons. Ate the 'Famous' Chai Chee Minced Pork Noodles (I am beginning to dislike it coz I dun think its really good) complemented by a plate of carrot cake and a plate of really good 'Wu Xiang' (I dunno the English word for it. Very very long since I last ate there and it hasn't really changed I guess..haha.

Unfortunately saw this bunch of uncouth gangsters on my way home which dampened my mood a little coz they cheated the bus driver by entering from the exit door without paying the bus fare. But that's not the point. The point is that they stole the empty seat that I was heading to as I entered from the front and they happily cut my queue. Screw those bastards man. Glared momentarily at them and think one of them saw it. We had to alight at the same bus stop and I think they kicked an empty bottle in my direction cos I felt something hit me on the legs as I was walking in front of them. Fuck to you man. Hope you BURN IN HELL. You people can't even be compared to dog poo and don't deserve to belong to this society. I am sorry if my ranting is too much, but I seriously detest such ill-mannered people who behave like that in public.


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