Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Saturday well spent, a Sunday well destroyed

Had lunch in the afternoon yesterday with Daddy at Geylang, at this place called Ho Kee. Famous for their tim sums, and I have to say I am quite impressed with some of the dishes, like their steamed chicken feet and this seafood wrap. Was sinfully delicious and if not because of the carrot cake and porridge we ordered, think I could have munched down more of those tim sums. Then I realised it was at Geylang Lorong 27, which was freaking near Meng Siong's house. Haha. Next time must come back here more often, tim sum are just one of my favourite foods man. :p

Then headed down to PPC@VJ to meet up with HNF people. They got every game there except floorball. Yeah. No floorball. Sucks big time. To think I was so looking forward to it. No floorball. Because of that dumbass Tan Yew Hwee whom the juniors claimed won't loan them the sticks. How idiotic can he get. But at least got to play some tennis, some soccer, some basketball, some captain's ball. At PPC met Melissa too who gave me valuable advice as to whether to go for accounting in SMU or NTU. But I think I will just settle for business in NTU. Thats if my appeal is successful. Currently as things stand I will take the NTU accounts place. Asked grand-senior Damien about Business also, and learned quite abit about the different areas you can specialise in business. Think Banking And Finance to me is quite interesting, Acturial Science too. But heard the latter is freaking exclusive and you need to be with the big boys to be able to do that. But the money is there coz its a very very specialised profession. Ahh..we shall see haha.

Its really hard to make a decision because you are subject to so many people's opinions. Like some says SMU is better, otheres prefer NTU. What the fuck rite. Can't blame me for being so fickle-minded right? But I think up to this point in time, I should be pretty sure about myself already. Its going to be business or accounts.

Damn beat. Had to do duty today so went back to office. And I had to keep my eyes open coz theres the Asian Security Conference going on. Just glad my duty is done and dusted and the conference is over. Haha. Oh and tomorrow is my BTT. Oh my god I betta pass this shit or it will be quite embarassing truth i never really touched the book. Guess I will just scan through the book once more tomorrow before I go sit for the test.


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