Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Lorry Experience


I think SuperHost is a pretty good competition to watch because of the way they carry out the elimination process. Watched yesterday's episode which featured the guys and they had ninety seconds to show what they can describe about a ridiculously shocking human art piece. I think it's really extremely difficult and I laughed throughout watching how some of them performed. Personally I felt the guys will make much better hosts as the girls and so if the final winner turns out to be male I won't be too surprised because they are much more entertaining. Haha..

Went out with Calvin, Qingyong and Zhenzhong for supper at the stretch of Prata shops which were situated near Anthea's place. Had my usual favourite Tissue while the rest feasted mostly on kosong and cheese. Not the best Tissue I have tasted...The one at Toa Payoh still rocks most so I'm looking forward to staying over at Kai An's place again for another round of tissue prata haha! It's a great feeling to sit at the back of a lorry again because as the lorry moves, the wind that blows at you really makes you feel very comfortable. I still remember the last time I sat was like 2 years back, on Ken's father's lorry when almost the whole class sat behind the lorry and played the number game as he fetched us back to a more convenient location from Marina South where we had JTS in the form of steamboat. Haha. Those memories ring back indeed..

Anyway, Calvin's lorry finally arrived at Changi Village where we took Qingyong to explore gay prostitutes. Yesterday night was one of those better nights because we saw quite a number. Some were just perfect in their figure..and if no one told me about what roams about in Changi Village, I would have mistaken some of them as pure females.. serious. Haha. Then there was one that I want to mention. This particular person wore this mini-skirt so short that really appalled me and QY haha. Shortest mini I have ever seen on a 'female'. Haha. Also, Calvin let me and Qingyong drive the lorry around the Changi Village carpark and I must say, lorry is so much different from the car. Especially steering wise. You need to know when to turn because of the different position of the wheel for the lorry as compared to the car. Haha. Oh, and I miss the gear and the clutch! Haha..The last time I touched it was like when I passed the driving test? Haha.. Anw.. it was a great night to just meet up with a few guys for supper and chat and whatsoever.

Today is the last day of my allowed leave for this year which means I have no more leave to clear...:( sobz...

And to make things worst, I fucked up my left knee while playing floorball@VJC on Saturday. It was fun nevertheless. Just hope my knee recuperates soon because everytime I walk it's kinda uncomfortable. Might consider heading to a Chinese physcian to check out the damage..


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