Thursday, August 24, 2006

Singapore Idol Season 2


I'm dying to know how the Singapore Idol judges honestly feel about this competition, about the 6 remaining contestants being the '6 best singers' in the competition. They must be kicking themselves in their faces and asking themselves 'How did Joakim appear in the top 28?' Come on guys you gotta admit Joakim's singing is full of crap (If he could make it to the top 6 by singing like that I could make it to the top 12 at least), so the judges actually have themselves to blame for putting Joakim into the top 28 in the first place.

I feel really sorry for the young lad ya know, he must feel bad for being so popular among the girls, with Gayle, Jay, Mathilda and Rahima all being his victims so far. Does he really want it still knowing that his singing is actually nothing special? Is he hoping he'd get out soon to end it all finally? It's so sad know that people out there are voting for image rather than pure vocal talent.

I've got to say, even though she is my friend (acquaintance, to be precise), Jasmine hasn't performed up to expectations (but she really has a great voice). She is still surviving in the competition because of her cutie pie image. She has to choose the right songs (I think slow is good for her) really. I watched the Asian Pop Spectaculars last night and she chose Tata Young's 'I Believe' to sing. She was struggling was actually quite bad. And her dress sense and makeup just got to improve. She makes herself look totally horrible on stage, and coupled with her choice of bad songs, it's hard for the judges to praise her on anything at all.

Twohill is another guy whom I'm not the greatest fan of. He thinks his bloody fantabuloustic hair can get him all the way to the finals..we'll see. Keep his fringe so long, swipe here swipe there, it really pisses me off and I think hez just acting like an idiot. He can sing but is blardy inconsistent. And I had no idea why the judges were so impressed with his Chinese song last night, but I certainly wasn't. His pronounciation is way off and he keeps doing his trademark slangs, you can't do that for Chinese songs unless you think you can match Jay Chou in terms of singing ability. He should go out as soon as Joakim leaves.

If there is still hope that this competition will be a success and that a top-quality singer will be produced, HADY MIRZA is the one that should win the competition based on pure vocal talent. Extremely versatile, as justified by his song selections week-in and week-out, he can attract the crowd to sing with him and he is by far the best out of the top 6. It would be an injustice I feel if he doesn't make it to the top 2 at least. His malay song yesterday totally shut Ken's mouth up and his English song rocked like hell. I believe Singapore won't make the wrong choice in voting him out tonight, just like how they did for Mathilda.

Although, I would love to see a Singapore Idol Grand Finals featuring Joakim Gomez VS either Jasmine Tye/Paul Twohill/Nurul Maideen! HAHAHAHAHA.


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