Saturday, August 26, 2006

ClemCube Tea Break Recommendation


Went lunch with my dad after my session with the dermatologist today. Haha my skin seems to have improved, but I'm still hoping for better results, having spent so much of my savings on these skincare professionals..

We lunched our main course at 328 Katong Laksa (the one opposite Ampang Yong Tau Foo, that is the authentic Katong Laksa, if you've not been eating your laksa from there, you are eating fake Katong Laksa) along East Coast Road. I love the Laksa there because the soup base is rich in coconut...:p

But my recommendation for this entry will have to be the traditional coffee house a few shops down 328. The name is Chin Mee Chin Confectionery situated right next to Chapel Rd, which is near some church (it's pretty obvious) along East Coast Rd. We went to have some light snacks after the Laksa meal and I must say the food there is delicious! The shop has an incredible antique setting, just like some Hainan Kopi House in the 70s. Their tables are made of marble, even the chairs are almost matching, and when I went in there, I almost felt like an old man reminiscing fond memories (I'm full of crap). Their Kopi-O was fantastic and suited for my taste (I like it thick and not too sweet), served in those porcelain cups which ensures your coffee is kept warm for the longest amount of time.

Then there is their signature dish: Bun-style Butter-Kaya Toast. That is something you definitely must try if you happen to drop by. Soft on one side and toasted on the other, the taste is just perfect. Their kaya is better than Ya Kun's as far as I'm concerned (maybe Ya Kun's standard has dropped tremendously ever since they started on their franchising spree)..and I'm really impressed with such an idea to make toast using these hamburger buns. Most importantly, the setting and the food eaten there matches almost perfectly that it makes people feel so comfortable having snacks there.


You might want to note that besides toast and Kopi-O and tea, they also sell a variety of pastries and also their delightful sugar rolls...

Drooling now?


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