Monday, May 23, 2005

The weekend at a glance

In the afternoon I went to NUS which was bloody far to attend some talk concerning electrical engineering so that I could know about the course better. Met Yvonne at Clementi coz she was also gong for a talk, her talk was Materials engineering though, but at least she made sure I didn't get lost in the huge NUS campus haha. Well, the talk was useful i guess. It made my doubts about engineering disappear and showed me about the various areas that I could venture into with a BEng(EE) Degree. Got free lunch too. Wasn't that great for lunch but still...its free.Heh. Then I headed down to bloody Jurong to replace my Zen Micro with a new one, since it was spoiled and its still under warranty. Well at least I got a brand new one..but the catch was that my songs were gone. All gone. I only have like half of my database left in the computer. Some songs that I really liked...they were gone...:(

Met sis and Grace at Marche for dinner..had my usual Rosti and Soft Shell Crab, and also stole some Erdinger from Nick. The beer tasted great, it was like tonnes betta than Tiger oh my god. Can't wait to go taste other beers like Kilkenny and others..coz Nick was like telling how nice it is and everything..I think I m seriously considering taking beer drinking up as a hobby haha! Well I m glad Grace seems fine now...shez slowly gettin over it..Then headed down to Geylang over to Meng Siong's house to watch the FA Cup Final..haha Arsenal won!! Screw MAN UTD!!! haha u deserved it..Meng Siong's house was very nice..very spacious n everything..met old acquaintances like Jason, Tze Hin, JunRong, Yi En and many more. More army talk which I din get but its ok...I like my vocation now so it doesn't matter...And after that guess what..Me Ken Tze Hin and Russ..we all went car sightseeing at the Waterside basement carpark. Sounds stupid rite. Haha but it was great seeing all the BMWs, Volkswagens, Prado, Coopers, Jaguar...etc. Man. My dream car will be a BMW. Yeah. Dream car. So I can just dream on... I will never get that sort of money unless I m truly some successful freak in my career haha. Oh thank you Ken AGAIN for fetching me home.

Wahsun should be on the airplane to Australia now. Good luck on his future endeavours...hez migrating to Australia for good...Met him to see him off for one last time. Also met the HNF people and I only knew today that Xiuzhen and Wanwen were going to study TCM. Wads the trend with this TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) nowadays? Well..sure can't imagine them being Chinese Physicians and helping people feel pulses haha.

Watched Amityville Horror. Great show to watch if you want to get yourself frightened. Although I wasn't really freaked out but I m impressed by the horror scenes in the show. Rate it 3.5 stars.


Arsenal, be proud of yourselves. Although I am not an Arsenal fan, I felt u deserved this more than Man Utd. =)


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