Friday, May 27, 2005

Decision time

I guess after all...its best to go with what my heart feels.

It has been really tough deciding on what course I really should pursue in university but after much much consideration, a good talk with a few friends and relatives, I guess I'm going to appeal to change course. I'm not even sure if I will like studying electrical engineering. Its pretty technical and I might not like the idea of dealing with circuits and transistors. Perhaps something like biz ad will suit me better? Well definitely my interest in business is there, so why not pursue business? I'll probably like working in the financial sector more than doing technical stuff I guess..

Seniors are always telling me to go with what I'm most interested in, the most comforting comment that I have received was...

"Go with what you feel is best for you, because if you are really interested in that field, you will be successful no matter what."

I've discussed it with mummy already, she says she fully supportive of whatever decision I will make. Guess I will continue to heed advice from different people. I would really like to express my thanks to everyone who gave me so good advice....without you people I might have rashly accepted something without really thinking it through properly. The appeal window is only going to open on 1st June. At the moment I will just accept EE so that I am at least guaranteed a spot in NUS.


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