Thursday, May 12, 2005

Are some parents driving their kids crazy?

Parents are actually getting stricter with their kids nowadays. They are getting fiercer and more demanding. Well, just found out yesterday morning. The thought of another mundane day of travelling to work early morning was sickening, but as i sat at one corner in the MRT train listening to my precious zen micro mp3, there was this 40+ year old(at least she looks like that to me) woman holding her kid who was like 4 years old?(well just a guess) who came over to take the 2 empty seats next to me. Then, slowly she sunk her hand into this big big bag and took out a Chinese revision book and a piece of paper. She gave the piece of paper to her son and started a spelling test on him. Actually she was talkin quite loudly so I could hear every word that was coming out of her mouth. I was like...HUH?...spelling test???ON THE TRAIN??wow..hez actually kinda poor the mum desperate for some excellent results or wad. do a pre-spelling test ON THE TRAIN? heh. well i couldn't be bothered so I put my headphones back onto my ears.

What came along afterwards was actually quite shocking. Every Chinese character the mum pronounced, and whenever the son could not write, the mum would just beat him on the lap and start ranting at this poor little kid. its kinda humiliating rite, on a MRT train with so many people somemore. If I were the kid I will just have felt utterly embarassed.

I feel that kids nowadays face tremendous pressure to do well in their studies. Next time if i become a parent, I will try my absolute best not to pressurize my kids. I want to give them the best. I mean...if my kids aren't study material, then so be it. Why force them to study so hard till they burst their brains? Every kid ought to be useful so people should just work on what the kids enjoy doing and nurture their talents.

Parents. You should learn to understand your children betta. Understand what they really want in life.

Well. I strongly emphasize that this is a very one-sided view. I dunno how parents do actually feel about such situations, and I understand that this is just my personal opinion, so I know I am in no position to comment coz I am not yet a parent myself. =)


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