Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Walk on

Its sad to hear the inevitable,
but at least I can put myself to ease now.
I would be lying if I'd say that this whole thing didn't affect me a bit,
but I'll get over with it soon.
My heart bleeds profusely like rain pouring from the skies,
and although this piece of glass has shattered,
I know this is part of life.
I just wish you happiness, and as for me,
I'll have to walk on.
May fate lead me to the promised land.
One less problem is not a bad thing after all...

Met up with the HNF girls for dinner and chit-chat and I became honorary member of the sisterhood for that day. Geez. What a name. Haha anyway it was nice catching up with them, especially Xiuzhen and Wanwen, and got to know like what they have been doing and stuffs. Wanwen still as "mature" as ever, haha she displayed some of her very "cool" kickboxing moves she learned to me haha. But the highlight was the place we went for dessert. It was this place near Shaw Centre, this fruity place whose shop was painted mostly yellow, and it is famous for its mango delicacies. Their desserts were very good indeed. I had this Aloe Vera jelly mixed with mango and coconut juice complemented with mango cubes. How about that. Very nice. Haha. But I loved Wanwen's red bean paste with mango and sago even more. The next time I m going there I swear I am gonna have that. Haha. They are all going into university soon and goin to experience a great campus life(I assume)...meaning I get to meet up with them less often. Just hoping WW and Fel will give me their tutees to take over since they will stop their tutoring services very very soon. I so so need to do tuition coz I need the fucking money for my driving lessons. Haha. Anyone who has recommendations are always welcome to contact me. Hehe.

PPC is this saturday and I m seriously quite looking forward to it. Miss the days where we played floorball together and I was the guradian trying to keep out all the shots at goal. Floorball is becoming one of my favourite sports and I might consider joining floorball in university next time haha. Anw PPC better turn out to be good bcos I am going. Bleah.

Oh, thank you Charlene. Without you my 1000-piece puzzle will still be rotting at home. Thanks girl! =)

And screw the stupid mosquito who tried to bite me. Yeah fuck you man I got 2 bites for nothing. You DESERVED to DIE. But I am quite worried coz it looks like an Aedes mosquito as it had black and white striped legs.
Hopefully nothing happens. Tell me mosquito, you didn't bite an infected person did you?


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