Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Can someone tell me what's wrong with my computer?

Had a very very bad cough yesterday so the first thing I did when I went to work yesterday was to report sick. My initial intention was just to get some free cough syrup from the medical center but never did I expect myself to be back at home that morning by 10am. The very kind medical officer gave me an MC so I got the day off haha. Hmm..actually I thought it was just a real bad cough, but when I measured my temperature, the thermometer read 38.1 degrees I think, at that moment, I thought like wow even god is helping from work today haha. And then that was how I got my MC. So thank you to the kind yound medical offcer who diagnosed me as unfit for yesterday. Wonder if all medical officers there are like that. Abit sick then can get MC already. Heh. I won't know too soon coz I need to fall sick to return to that center for another checkup again haha. But one thing about that medical center was that the place really smelt like medicine. Wonder how the people working there take the smell. I mean, the smell of the air there was almost the same as the smell of hospital wards and it seriously made me feel uncomfortable. Even if you weren't sick and you dropped by that place, you will probably have felt like puking haha. But in all, thank you to that MO. heh.

I miss her. I really do.

I don't know why, but my computer kept crashing yesterday! Hopefully therez nothing wrong wif it man, its barely 3 months since I last repaired it. And when the guy did the diagnosis he couldn't find anything wrong with the hardware. So shouldn't be any problem wad..But I don't understand why the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH KEEPS APPEARING!!! It shows up promptly and the com reboots. Well done. I seriously have NO FUCKING IDEA what the hell is fucking wrong with this fucking com. (Forgive me I am getting a bit agitated here). Issit because of Bitcomet? Coz apparently I am downloading music...perhaps it is from an infected/error source. This better be the case. Now poor me is using the SAF com to do some blogging. Wanted to put this entry yesterday but the stoopid com crashed on me. Please I dun wan to head down to Sim Lim again carrying this damn heavy CPU. hmph. Hopefully today when I head back and try again nothing will happen. PRAY.


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