Sunday, May 15, 2005

Leon you are some crappy shit

Lamuda was back in Singapore for the weekend and I met up with him along with the rest yesterday in town. After a very long time Leon decided that we should head to Mcdonalds@Centrepoint coz he missed eating fast food. Over dere we sat, ate, talked cock and even played cards. I was like talking cock with him for most of the time. I dunno, but he thinks I am real funny and I tot he was real crappy too. The whole time we were like in our own world, and Chloe was just laughing non-stop haha. Then Leon suggested playing cards. He was really crap coz he suggested that the loser kissed my hands. Okay so Chloe lost. Leon, Nigel and Jong decided to make it double or nothing. But Chloe lost again. At that moment I thought...DIE.. so embarassing. Of coz I didn't want to offer my hand, Chloe too refused and at long last nothing happened. But the next round Hwi Jong lost. He kissed my hand. Nvm I thought, I should be sporting. Then the next round the loser had to kiss my neck. So Leon lost and he eagerly kissed my neck. Leon, you are a piece of crap!!haha I felt violated lor...haha.

Put this aside, it was great to see Lamuda again. And yesterday I got to know that Meiqi will most likely be going overseas coz shez got SPF scholarship. Together with Kiaying and Rong they will be going HK in July and they asked me if I wanted to come. Of coz I wanted to tag along but to go HK as the only guy was quite funny coz they will be shopping for their women's stuff and besides hotel rooms will be a problem too. What a waste. I guess we can all go together when the other guyz are free to go overseas too. It will be great if that can happen. Becks and Lamuda just got their wisdom teeth extracted, Lamuda more recently so he could not intake solid food. Becky sure knows how to dress up now..have to say that shez looking more elegant and also getting prettier! Haha..can't believe I am giving her such a compliment. Well I did not get to see Rong, Russel and Janice coz they didn't come down to meet us. OH I got to see Jong's baldy head for the first time..and OMG its so fuckin funny. Really too bad i forgot to take a picture of it if not I will DEFINITELY post it here whaha.

West Brom has just survived premiership relegation! Incredible scenes at the Hawthorns the fans are down at the pitch celebrating with the players..haha what a wonderful achievement for them..

Anyway. Look forward to the next meeting with you guys and girls was great fun yesterday..I gave Kiaying my umbrella so that she could be safe from the thunder on her way home. In the end I had to run about 200 metres under the intimidating sky from the bus stop to my home hahas. Managed to escape unharmed thankfully. Wad a close shave. At one moment I thought I was going to get struck down by lightning. Stupid me. Bleah.


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You should just go with the chicks man.

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