Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A transistor says it all

Being in the army makes me feel increasingly stupid.

Yeah. A perfect example was on Saturday. Went for the NUS talk, and they were talking about transistors..I remember studying that in JC physics...now I don't even have the slightest idea wad a transistor is. How stewpid.

Now can anyone tell me the function of a transistor?

Am I really going to study electrical engineering? Have I made a right choice? I am always saying that I want to use the expertise that I will get from EE to venture into the business society, but is that really possible? No one knows wad will happen in the future anyway, right? Will job prospects be good? We won't know will we?Everything might change. But one thing I am sure of. I am interested in business...but the thing that is keeping me away from studying business in a university is that its totally a waste of time eh? Business degree is easily attainable everywhere I presume..and to do business do you really need a business degree? Some business knowledge will do I suppose? I don't know.

Just hoping my plans will come true in future. Get a EE deg and jump into the business market. Technopreneurship. Yes. That is the word.

But come to think of it, why am I so worried? Or rather bothered about what lies ahead in my life? People always say "Let nature take its course"....maybe I shouldn't be thinking things too much ya..

I just learnt what Murphy's law is about today.


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