Friday, May 13, 2005

Independence day

Just wondering. When can I truly declare myself to be independent and be able to take care of myself, settle my own needs and be able to live out the rest of my life independently? Coz i was thinking back and hey...most of the time my mother helps me out with my laundry...sometimes she helps me clean my room...iron my clothes. She even has to call me up for work EVERYDAY...Die lah...this can't go on..I can't depend too much on her rite..So I am slowly trying to do everything myself. First I start by cooking my own meals. So she doesn't have to worry what I'd eat for dinner the whole time. Learning from my sister some pasta cooking will sound fine but shez always complaining about how busy she is and..ah wadever. Should also force myself to wake up myself. But I m a hell of of heavy sleeper. so I dunno how I can go about doing that. Cleaning my own room occasionally shouldn't be much of a problem too. My dirty clothes? eh...that should other minor stuff first. If I can even do cleaning, cooking and waking myself up on a regular basis, I'd be damn proud of myself already. I look forward that that day. Independence day. Where I can truly declare myself that I can support myself. I need to. If not I will go nowhere in life. I must start rite now. Today. Heh.

Anyway just had yummy Macpherson's wanton mee in office for breakfast today. It was delicious to the max..omg the char siew was so fresh and the wantons were great to chew on. Thanks Alex.


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