Monday, May 30, 2005

The main objective of terrorism

Came into the office this morning only to find out that there were two bombs that exploded at a marketplace in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Investigations have concluded that these bombings were likely to have been the work of terrorists. I got to see the news footages, and my heart goes out to those who have perished from the bomb attacks and also to those who have lost their loved ones. Saw this infant with blood pouring all over his face and I just can't help but feel so sorry for him. Why has terrorism been on the rise recently? Can anyone explain what terrorists aim to achieve from all these bombings? Although innocent lives are continuously being lost, the terrorists just don't fucking seem to get it. Have they achieved their so-called "aim"? Do terrorists even know what they hope to achieve from instilling fear in people? I what? Ok, you win, you bombed the damn place and what message are you trying to send? I am so curious to know..

So let me guess..they carry out acts of terrorism hoping to make people afraid of them so they can back down. I would love to see the day where terrorists eventually win the battle (Well I have 99.999% confidence that won't happen, so don't think I m pro-terrorism). With so many nations trying to gun down Osama, Zarqawi and whoever is the leader, I just can't see how terrorists are going to achieve their objective. Its just so sad to find out that these people have black hearts, to even proclaim that the loss of lives is inevitable for the greater good to be achieved. What is the greater good? Shame on you people. Terrorist is never anything good, furthermore if what you are trying to achieve involves killing innocent parties. Condemn terrorism. My heart truly goes out to those who have been affected from the doings of terrorists and hope that this fight against terrorism ends soon. Can you ever imagine you are someone living in Iraq or whatever? Its easier to get killed than to survive.

So, terrorists. Think again. Do you know your objective?


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