Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Problems. Everyone has problems. I am sure nobody likes to have problems. So it will be hell great if problems didn't exist in this world at all. Am I right to say that life is unfair because some people face greater and more serious problems than others? First confession to clemcube: I have alot of problems. But i ain't goin to list down all these problems here if not its really going to get kinda personal, especially if YOU, yes YOU, whom i might not know well, chances upon this blog and reads this entry. But believe me I seriously am facing lots of problems. Not only now, but I am also even thinking of the future. Are these problems goin to fade away in the later years of my life? Then i think again. What would other people do if they were in my situation. And would i be happier to be in other people's situation? even if they had their problems. sometimes i tell myself. i really wished i were other people. let others be me. then i would like to ask them how it feels to be me. but its REALITY. No one understands me. Only maybe my sister.coz she knows it too.

Then yesterday i was watching the 7pm show on Channel 8. The one with A-Wang. I like the show alot! Then i watched Golden Faith on Channel U. Saw the adorable Yinyin and the ever-so-independent A-Jia again. Sometimes, I really wish i could be them. Naive, jovial wadever. But no problems. Nothing to worry about. They are like in a world of their own...I rather be like them. Adidas said: "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING"... Yeah rite.

I might feel that my problems are rather severe, but still i reckon there are many more people out dere who are worst off than me. hopefully this entry will give u a penny for your thoughts.


Blogger Alex said...

Our lives can be filled with so many difficulties at times, to the point where we find them insurmountable. I.e. to say...

"This is too much fucking trouble to bother carrying on."

Yet we are all here to live our life, whether we want to or not. From the moment we are born the only thing certain is that we will die. Until such a point, we continue to exist and the only advice I can give to you is to weather the storm because of simple fact:

That which does not kill you makes you stronger.

Try looking at the problems other people face, and take heart from the strength with which they meet these problems head on. No one could possibly identify with the specific difficulties you face, but know that others have gone through their own baptism of fire and come out stronger, better people.

Once I thought I was cursed because my life consisted of a series of problems. Only when you let go of your anger, depression, sadness can the healing begin. Only when you have conquered yourself do you become worthy of being loved.

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