Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So what did you do on Valentine's?

Q: Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?
A: Sort of.

Q: So what exactly did you do yesterday?
A: Went out with my cousin and a few friends for dinner and karaoke for a short while.

Q: How much did you spend in all yesterday?
A: Eh.. More Than 20, Less Than 100.

Q: Do you have a valentine?
A: Unfortunately not.

Q: Do you wish you had a valentine?
A: You bet.

Q: How would you have celebrated Valentine's Day with your valentine if you had one?
A: For a first time, probably have dinner with her in a very nice and classy place, followed by a walk along the beach or something, somewhere quiet. I would have avoided those crowded city areas. A bouquet of flowers is a must, of course.

I had fun yesterday although it wasn't with my valentine. Both gals were also happy I guess coz they received a stalk of rose each from me and Thomas. But it's becoming such a sad thing because Feb 14 is becoming too commercialised. Prices are ridiculous as they are being increased by more than double over this period and it's really heartaching when you have to fork out the money (especially the guys). =( But all these is in the name of business and somehow someway we got to accept the fact. Also met a few buddies when I went out yesterday =)Zhi Yuan, Huei Siang, Russel, Melvin and Yew Teng. Was glad Yew Teng still recognised me. Those were the days in primary school when we were classmates. Haha.

So...did you enjoy yourself yesterday?


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