Monday, February 20, 2006

Parkway Parade carpark is a joke, while KGardens is cheap karaoke

Had lunch with my father on Saturday afternoon which meant I finally got the chance to drive the car. My last try at his car was actually 1+ months back, believe it or not. He decided to dine at Parkway since there was Giant there so that I could get my cheap new TV set because the old one friggin died on me on Thursday. I was rather uneasy when he said Parkway because I knew how the carpark was like there. Pretty fucked up. So squezzy and with so many twist and turns, it was a beginner's enemy. To make things worst, my parking is atrocious so I'm utterly not confident of parkin at that dumbo place as I'm afraid I would end up scratching the car body again. I fear multi-storey carparks :( But I had to face it. When I got in, I struck kerb once, and when I got out, I struck the kerb again. Be thankful I din hit the pillar or knock onto any other car or whatever. I was really relieved when we exited that cursed carpark. My driving has got lots to improve on. My parking, especially.:(

Was delighted to get my new TV set. Oh yes the brand is AKIRA again. A 14-inch TV for the price of $119. How's that? Quite cheap right. Anyway, if anyone wants to get a TV set like mine, you can't really find it anywhere nowadays besides place like GIANT because the electronics market is fuckin competitive. I was shopping with papi and everywhere was like flat-screen TVs, big and small. Harvey Norman doesn't sell those classic small TV sets, and Best Denki only had one such TV available for sale after we combed the whole TV department. How pathetic. Oh wells, it just goes to show how advanced technology is becoming.

Met up with class people later that evening. People who usually wouldn't turn up turned up! Haha..was quite impressed. Wei Ling and Ching Lok came along and I haven't seen the latter in like I dunno how long. But glad to know shez doing well current in NUS architecture. Wei Ling has become the sporty sort ever since shez joined SMU and dragon boat. So tanned now that she calls herself chao-ta girl. Haha. How funny. The rest who came included Russ, HJ, Ken, Koay, Jan , Becks, KY, KH and Greg. Dined in@Heeren Marche and we were at the centre of attention because our table was just next to the entrance and everybody who walked passed us had to look down on our table to see what we ordered to eat. Singaporeans. Haha. I bet if I were one of those passer-bys I probably would have done the same. Whaha.

Thereafter we headed to KGardens@Serangoon Gardens for a usual doze of karaoke. Sang till about 1am like that. KGardens is another Teo Heng I guess, only that it is slightly more expensive, with better service and drinks and a better selection of songs, which would probably make your money worth. This time round though, I dunno why, as concluded by Russ and myself, the atmosphere was rather boring unfortunately. Why? I dunno. After that it was supper@ Chomp Chomp with HJ of course ordering food like there's no tommorow again, despite the fact that most of the shops were closed by then. Oh Yew Teng joined us too and I had a good chat with him, talking about our primary school days, like whether we remembered people in class. Haha names like Greg Wu, Elvis, Edmund, Zhao Ming, CJ, Rayner Kong and Christopher Tham started popping out. We bitched about our form teacher Mrs Lim too and talked about other stuffz haha. Poor Kenneth had to fetch all of us back home once more, and I must really thank him for the ride home. If I ever get the chance to repay the favour, rest assured I will, Ken. Right now, I just do not have the car at my disposal.



And it's Peter Crouch, walking tall. I saw the goal in the replay, and what the hell, the header was damn powerful can. Well done Liverpool, keep it up against Benfica!


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Hey Greg Wu's my platoon mate!

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and you r?? or do i know you?

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