Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Frozen Desserts Island Creamery


Hell yeah Frozen Desserts Island Creamery tastes so good you'll find it hard to resist! Comes in the weirdest but delicious flavours like Teh Tarik, Banana, Horlicks and so many more. One small tub costs 8 bucks. Expensive eh, but its worth every cent of your money. Trust me.

This is my first time blogging ever since my trip to Penang and Phuket during the CNY period. I really enjoyed the trip alot, not only did I get to know people like Jacq and Thomas better, it was also a good opportunity for me to de-stress after facing so much 'pressure' at work. Wadever. It seems like I never get bored of Star Cruises. I've sat the same ship like 4 times I think, but I still enjoy it. The 24hr food hangout on Deck 7 still rocks like socks. The food is so good that I am willing to pay 10 bucks for a plate of Nasi Lemak. And yes, Kai An, if you are reading this, their Nasi Lemak is also great tasting, maybe you can try it if you ever get the chance to board the ship again..Haha..The only downside durin this trip was probably the fact that I lost money on board the ship's casino...=( Well, 100 bucks [heart pain]. But oh wells, I could hav won...if not for my greed. Lesson learnt. Phuket was great. Stuffz were cheap. I bought fake Birks for S$8, a pair of sunglasses S$6, a Levi's tee for S$20 (significantly cheaper than prices in Singapore) and a pair of surf shorts for S$10 which was damn nice but unfortunately I couldnt wear bcoz the cutting didn't fit me exactly well. Wasted sia. Nothin much to talk about for Penang. Only Tau Sar Piahs I guess! Terence loves them! Haha.

Watched Jet Li's 'Fearless' last Sunday with Mom and I'm impressed by Li's superb martial arts skills. If you are watching solely for the fighting scenes, you've got the right movie. If not, overall I would rate it average. 3 out of 5 stars. Watchable.

This guy that I unfortunately see almost everyday is slowly getting onto my nerves and I really can't stand him. Probably the most insensitive farkface I've ever came across. Blunt with words, coupled with shocking arrogance. Whether he meant it or not, I don't giv a damn. Hez really pissing me off.

Terence, no prizes for getting the right answer. =)


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