Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday Night@Marine Parade


Before I start on this next entry, I would just like to thank my Mum for whatever she has done for me and the family. Although I always dislike the way she keeps nagging at us, I know deep in the heart that she actually cares. It's just maybe she doesn't know how to convey her message across tactfully, which probably upsets my sister frequently. She cares greatly for us, and for that, I am thankful. I just want to let her know that I really appreciate what she is doing for this family.

I still recall not long ago I was down with illness. Feeling so weak in bed, she was always asking if I was feeling better, and when my fever ran high, she helped prepare a cloth immersed in iced water and placed it on my forehead, in hope of running down the temperature. Sounds cliche, but I was really touched. And when I think back on times when I often talk to her rudely and sometimes even take her for granted, I feel a sense of remorse in myself. But I am trying to spend more time with her, and I am glad that I've managed to do that on a more regular basis in recent times, taking her for movies more often now, and staying home for dinner whenever I can.

So I really appreciate it. Thank you mother.

Ok now on to what I did last weekend. In the morning, I pulled myself out of bed to join XY for swimming at Hougang Swimming Complex. With determination I managed to swim 20 laps. It was quite tiring for me ok! Considering I went gym just the day b4..haha. And after that we headed to Hougang Mall to eat the worst Claypot Rice on Earth. People please do not even attempt to try the Claypot Rice there because its really bad and after trying it you might not want to taste Claypot Rice ever again. Then during the evening I met up with the bunch of Grace, Thomas, JG, XM and Jacq. We went to have a good dinner at East Coast Lagoon (The food centre at ECP). Thomas ordered like there was no tomorrow and in the end he had to finish it all by himself. There were 2 plates of fried oyster, satay beehoon, stingray, mussels, chicken wings, fried snails (YES DAMNIT I ATE SNAILS!!), satay and all these were complimented with sugar cane juice and coconut juice. Thomas can really eat his fill and all of us were really bloated after that feast. Tom and Jacq suggested KBox thereafter, 2 of them being most enthu abt it but at the room they were not even singing at all. Why does KBox close at 1 on Saturdays ah? Or issit only the one at Marine Parade? I always tot they would close kinda late. But in the end, becuase it was only me n JG hogging the mike, I guess 1+ hr was sufficient singing. Haha.

Oh I have just rented another HK Drama Series, this one I am watching now has a whopping 40 episodes! Its called 'Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion'. Sounds cool eh the title? Haha..

On a final note, Liverpool won Everton 3-1 with 10 men for most of the match! Did you see the goals by P.Neville, Garcia and Kewell?? Did you see did you see huh huh huh? Stunning beauty man! Especially the own goal...what a strike! =)Everybody will remember the win, and they will definitely forget about the Gerrard sending off with haste. Haha.


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Blogger Durrow Gal! said...

It's sweet of how you talk of your mum. Mums are always there for us. Just gotta luv them.=)

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Blogger Clement said...

To ah liang: Merseyside Red rocks!!

To durrow gal: Yeah..I really do appreciate what she is doing. But she can definitely improve on how she is doing it. :)

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