Tuesday, March 14, 2006

General elections


WOLF CREEK wasn't as terrifying as expected and I was really disappointed considering I paid 9.50 for this crap show. Not exactly crap, but I definitely expected more from it. If I had known, I would have insisted to Thomas that we watch 'The Dorm'. I so want to watch it after failing to catch 'Shutter'. But it's okayz, coz I have already bought the VCD and I will be watching it really soon. Thai movies are generally nice, so I would think 'The Dorm' would be good. Just look at films like 'Ong Bak', 'Tom-Yum-Goong', you know Thai movies will never be that bad. WOLF CREEK, if you ever want to watch it, should be a weekday show. Don't waste your time on weekends when you can spend it on more meaningful activities. Heh.

WOLF CREEK deserves only 2/5.

I feel pretty contented with myself as I really trained hard at the gym yesterday. I ran 2 sets of 1.6km on the treadmill, in between doing weights, bench press, lads pull-down and other machines. I'm certainly hoping this will continue on a consistent basis, and I'm setting aside Mon, Wed, Fri for gym. Hopefully I can discipline myself to head down and workout on these days. I have always believed in keeping fit. :)

I feel so sad for Steven Gerrard because his mistake ultimately cost Liverpool their most recent match against Arsenal. I really tot we could get a point out of that game but to be fair, Henry's Arsenal were brilliant. It's ironic because Gerrard was working his socks off and created the equaliser...only for him to make that error and present Henry with that easy goal. But nobody should blame him. Considering his contributions it would be unfair to play him down just because of that mistake. The whole Liverpool team is in a mess right now. I wonder how Gerrard feels really. Hez doing all the dirty work in midfield, supplying wonderful balls for Crouch, Moro and Cisse but they are never taking their chances. He muz be hell frustrated and I'm just worried he might leave the team like Owen if the situation doesn't turn for the better. No Gerrard, no Liverpool. So true. Aren't Liverpool missing Owen right now?

Let's talk about something that has been hitting the news daily. General elections. I luvv the General Elections. Such a waste that for this year I still can't cast my vote. Haha but even if I could it would probabaly be a walkover. Nobody seems keen on opposing at my GRC!! Haha...but I read the news a few days back and learned that my constituency might be facing competition from SDA!! Yay!! At least PAP has something to worry about here... Dun get me wrong.. it's not that I support the opposition or anything, but it's good to have opposition because you can listen to what they have to say.. And usually opposition candidates will be campaigning big-time and I would really relish the chance to head down to one of those open fields in my area to go listen to their loud, crude and maybe sometimes senseless opinions and resolutions. Look at incumbent MPs like Chiam(SDA) and Low(WP), they provide a channel to voice disapproval in Parliament which is healthy at times. Imagine a whole body of Parliament which is made up by all the white men from PAP. PAP will say we should follow this. Who will disapprove? Probably no one because all are pro-PAP. Hence, we should really admire some opposition candidates who can offer healthy competition to the governing body. Having said this, we shouldn't vote for opposition for the sake of voting for opposition. What is the use when the opposition can't do better than PAP? Not saying that the PAP is doing a marvellous job or anything, but if they are the best Singapore politics can offer, then we should stick with them.

Of course, we have seen the worst of opposition. Remember our infamous Dr. Chee? The person who can't contest this term due to bankruptcy? Haha..hez really a joke. Just last Saturday, Thomas and I were at Kino shopping for books and we came across this book written by him. And when Thomas scanned thru it he laughed at what he wrote. He showed me a portion of it and we both agreed it was seriously crap. For someone who can insult SM Goh publicly, he has seriously tarnished the reputation of opposition candidates trying to contest the elections.

Enough said. But I'm defintely looking forward to the elections, like I always do every 5 years. Haha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a member of the SAF, you must be apolitical and not express ur political opinions publicly!!! DONT MAKE ME CHARGE YOU!


5:43 PM  
Blogger Clement said...

Haha..did I even mention that I was a member of the SAF? How would you know if I am one eh?

Bogus CDF..


11:43 AM  

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