Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Writing Whatever I Can Think Of Now


Henry just left for Australia to study a few days back and I truly regret being unable to send him off at the airport that day due to work commitments but I made it up by having a good breakfast with him in the morning. Study hard and have fun over there Henry! See you in about 10 months time! And remember to send me pix of your aussie chick! Haha..pity my tennis sparring partner is no more in Singapore and guess I'll be playing tennis less frequently now..

And I'd really like to thank Calvin for spending time to head down my place to help me out with the computer. Without you it wouldn't have been possible for me to be blogging right now. And also thanks for listening me out that night and I thought we had a really good talk over a cup of coffee. Keep in touch and we'll come out for another cup of coffee soon! :)

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and as usual I'll be on a weekend cruise trip with my relatives. Means time for revenge! Haha...I must win back the money I lost at that very same casino last year..Wonder how this trip will be like though. Seems short to say the least, on paper it says 3D2N but in fact it's just 1D1N. We check in and board the damn ship in the evening and check out on the 3rd day in the afternoon so it's really sucky cos we're paying for such a high price and it's goin to be only one day of relaxation on the ship?!?! So I'd betta do well in the casino this time round. This time, Kai An's back and we can eat together at Blue Lagoon again! But there's no Grace this time round as she's visiting her boyfriend overseas..Oh wells..it'd be interesting to see whether I can get to know Carrie better as shez joining us for the first time. 3 days to go..

Planning to blog about gambling and luck and probability on my next entry..I dunno when I will pen my next entry though coz it depends on my mood. Haha.

I'll end here for now.


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Who's Carrie?

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