Tuesday, June 27, 2006



You must have been wondering where the hell I have died to, and why I haven't been updating my blog for years. Since the last post from now I think it has been over 2 months or so?

Then, you might want to ask me, why even bother to start updating again?

I don't know. I just feel like writing something again I guess, but you probably won't get to see frequent entries as compared to last time because I will most likely be too lazy to come online to do blogging. Yes, I admit that I am totally lazy to blog. Haha.

Sometimes I have this funny feeling that keeps teasing my mind: Why am I writing down all the happenings in my life and letting other people be informed of my daily activities? Am I deprived of attention? Do I blog truthfully? I ask myself my main purpose of blogging. Is it to attract other people to visit your homepage or issit really an attempt to write down my personal thoughts just like that of a diary, only that I store these thoughts in something called a blog?

There is this kind of blogging which I would like to term as "selective blogging". What this basically means is that people only blog about good stuff, positive things that they encounter in their daily lives, but never will they release embarassing encounters of themselves in their blogs, or discuss factual things that will portray a bad image of themselves in their blogs. In my opinion, most people want others to look at their blogs and think that they are leading a damn HAPPENING lifestyle, and in turn make a lot others envy the blogger. Probably self-satisfaction derived from the blogger? Do you consider this as a form of showing off by the blogger?

Probably the best kind of blogs I have visited are those that discuss about current affairs and their viewpoints on certain issues (eg. Marina Bay IR, Education Systems). It's kinda interesting to see what bloggers have to say in these issues. Then there are blogs like those of MR BROWN, MIYAGI, KENNYSIA etc. which are real farni, like those podcasts at mrbrown.com are those stupid photos that dear Kenny captures. Other than that, I think other bloggers are just deceiving themselves through blogging (includes me, I dun even know what made me blog in the first place). In my opinion, I think at least 60% of bloggers out there don't even know their main purpose in blogging. Does XIAXUE even know her main purpose in blogging? Maybe shez just blogging because of the tremendous amount of visitors to her site. Haha. But the plus point for her is that shez turned into a blogging icon for her exploits.

If you're a blogger, just ask yourself why do you actually blog?

If you think what I wrote above was all total bullshit and crap, you can choose to ignore it. Maybe it really is. :) I mean, after all, everyone is entitled to their own say.

Still can't believe the bloody Swiss lost.
They suck.
And the whole world will be watching France win tonight.


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